How long does it take for sprint to ship a phone?

So I ordered the iPhone 4 from sprint on Sunday(today). I live around the D.C area. How long do they usually take for a phone to come? And also how do they deliver it because someone said ups or FedEx. Thank you!

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  • Typically phones take 2 to three business days after the business day when the order is processed.

    If you ordered the phone on Sunday, they do the processing on Monday and ship it out - so you would receive it on Wed. or Thur.

    Sprint uses both UPS and Fedex.

    Be sure to keep the tracking number they will send you once they send your package out. Then you can track the phone as it is in transit, and should have a reasonably good idea what day it will arrive (possibly if it will arrive morning or afternoon as well...)

    If you cannot be home to accept the package, you might consider a couple options.

    (1) have a family member stay home that will wait for the driver

    (2) leave a note on the door for the driver that they can leave the package at your back door, in the doghouse, with the neighbor in the yellow house next to you, etc) (This does not work if the package requires a signature...)

    (3) See if the package can be held at a convenient facility (Fedex Kinkos - or UPS Store) that is nearby - so you can pick it up when *you* have time.

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