how long does it take for тᴇsтιcʟєs to die during human elastrator castration?

I don't mean after cutting open the sac i mean while its still being banded

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  • I don't know exactly how long,but I would say that damage begins in about 15 min.I've seen pics on the net where they have actually turned black.That would probably 3 or 4 hours.BTW,don't try this at home,kiddies.

  • An elastrator is a castration device that cuts off circulation to the тᴇsтιcʟєs when utilized, called "elastration." An elastrator basically stretches a strong rubber band over the scʀoтuм and above the тᴇsтιcʟєs. When the band is secured, the тᴇsтιcʟєs are tightly tied off at the base of the scʀoтuм and allowed to die from lack of blood. This process can take up to six or more hours, but in some people, irreversible damage may occur within the first hour of applying the band.

    Those who have successfully utilized this method report that the pain is agonizing for the first twelve hours, but after that, the feeling dulls until the тᴇsтιcʟєs are entirely dead. At this point, the entire scʀoтuм and testes can be cut off below the band without any pain or bleeding. The band is left on until the area is healed enough to hold together on its own. This method of castration is commonly done on farms and is also the method favored by home (DIY) and ⒷⒹⓈⓂ practitioners, due to its relative simplicity and safety. An added benefit to this method is that it also removes the scʀoтuм during the process of destroying the тᴇsтιcʟєs. If the scʀoтuм is left on, sepsis (blood poisoning) and infection are very real risks if dry gangrene doesn t set in like it should. On the other hand, if the band is removed too soon after removing the scʀoтuм, major and uncontrollable bleeding is risked.

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    how long does it take for тᴇsтιcʟєs to die during human elastrator castration?

    I don't mean after cutting open the sac i mean while its still being banded

  • Such a method of castration takes 12 to 24 hours of excruciating pain for the testicular tissue to die. The тᴇsтιcʟєs die and degenerate within the scʀoтuм. The blood supply to the тᴇsтιcʟєs is cut off and they degenerate, as in gangrene! What the hell are you thinking of? A medieval method of torture? Are you trying to do a one upmanship on Mrs. Bobbit?

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  • I know a guy who was having a "rough play" session and sez he fell asleep with some regular rubber bands around his up like 5 hours later and sez his stuff didn't work at all for like 3 months and he never got back I'm thinking it doesn't take long at all to damage them. (and he's wondering if the guy who did it to him did it on purpose - I'm betting yes since it was a ⒷⒹⓈⓂ scene)

  • Rose shoot me a private email.

  • Ok, you are scaring me now! Get me out of here!

  • umm i am kinda scared so i think i wont give u an answer! are u a mad scientist?

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  1. I did the castration bands and it was not that bad only regret is that I can’t do it again even went to work after 8 hours my wife was able to cut off the scrotum and the testicles no pain. About 4 days later she removed the castration ban. No bleeding no complications and the best part is my wife loves it..We are talking about removing the penis now reading up on it . we know we need to put a catheter in but feel it would be about the same time before my wife can cut it off It has been a few years now and we are still happily married, and my wife loves the new look. In fact we are more intimate a lot more often. We have five kids and she does not want to have any more. Kids was disgusting rate details about doing this with a Support half my wife I agree to it.

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