how long does it take to get a phd in biology? what if u go there from a jc?

(for the jc part), if i graduate in 2011, can i still get my phd in 2021? cn i still graduate in 2021 after going straight to a 4 year?

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  • The length of time required to obtain a doctoral degree in Biology depends upon your academic ability and the requirements of the educational program that you are following. For example, in the United States, many college students first obtain a four year degree in Biology, then seek a two year Masters Degree in that subject, and then work from two to six years to complete a Ph.D.

    Since the biological sciences are closely related to medical fields and allied health fields, it is also possible in some cases to pursue a medical degree such as an MD, DO, DDS or DVM degree in conjunction with a doctoral program in Biology. The decision to pursue a combined degree is sometimes made before entry into the professional medical or allied health program, and sometimes made after attending the first two years of training (that issue depends upon the program requirements and the student's preferences). There may be additional medical or allied health fields in which this type of joint training is possible. The combined professional degree and Biology doctorate would of course usually involve additional graduate level coursework beyond that taken for the medical or allied health medical degree.

    Also, it may be possible to obtain a Ph.D degree in Biology more quickly in some other nations; most first medical degrees in Africa and in many European countries are initially awarded at the undergraduate level, whereas in the United States they are normally pursued as graduate level programs after a student has fist obtain a bachelors degree. (There are some early admissions six year combined undergraduate and MD or DO programs however, although admission to those is very competitive.) Students in the United States have traditionally specialized later than in European schools, where even the High School level courses are often somewhat more specialized academically.

  • Yes. You may opt for going straight to a 4 year course. Research degree (Ph D) in biology will take at least 3 years.

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