How long does it take to sharpen skates?

I need my hockey skates sharƿє-ṅєd and I plan on going to the skate shop tomorrow but I am really limited on time, so I don't want to go if they can't get it done fairly quickly. How long does it take for them to actually sharpen the skates? I've heard between five minutes and an hour so I really don't know. How long does it actually take?

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  • well it takes about 10-15 minutes but sometimes at my rink there is a line of skates and it takes like 30-1 hour! so i would just go there and ask the guy or girl how long it will take.usually after my practice(not every practice) i go to the pro-shop and ask them to sharpen them and they keep them there until the next week.

  • it only took me 5-10 minutes to get my skates sharƿє-ṅєd, if you don't want to wait at all some rinks will do over night sharpening which is often times cheaper and you can pick them up the next day before you skate

  • I figure skate, and it really depends on the size on the skate. Also, it depends if the sharƿє-ṅєr is there or not. If he/she is, then it should take no longer then 20 minutes.

  • Mine usually takes 15minutes! Besides the availability of the sharƿє-ṅєr and the man who sharpens your blades, you also consider the condition of your blade. If it's really blunt, it could take longer than 15min. If it isnt, well maybe 10min should do the trick! Happy sharpening!

  • it took them 5-10 minutes to sharpen mine

  • well it takes them about 5-10mins 2 sharpen my figure sk8s so ya

  • only ten - thirty minutes

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