how long does it take to tune out a whole piano?

My dad i planning to buy a second hand piano but it hasn't been touched for ages and when i played it it was really out of tune and my dad was wondering how long it takes to tune all of the keys.

please help thx!!

much love


when i opened it up it looked really complicated and my dad said it would take a hundred years but i know that he is joking. and i was wondering how much it would cost

much love


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  • about 90 minutes. but since it hasn't been tuned in several years it may take about 2 hours.


    depending on who you hire to tune it expect to pay between $80 and $120

    Also don't expect a tuner to tune to A440 for a piano like this. Suhwahak is quite right that you could break strings if you raise the tension that much in one tuning.

  • I'm not really sure how you would "spot" a good piano teacher. You can talk to people you know find reviews for piano teachers in your area to try and find one best suited for you. If you're just starting out, and you need all the basics, you might want to look for someone who is more patient, and very probably works with many children and beginners, who will introduce you to every aspect of playing the piano, and make you want to embrace the piano, not run away from it. If you're at a higher level, you might want to look for someone who specifically teaches, or teaches mainly higher levels, and it doesn't really matter as much if they're super patient or all that, because at that point you're really going to want someone who will teach you and nurture your talent, but also push you to the limit to make you the best you can be. In the end, pick a teacher you think you would like, try it out for a while, and if you feel fulfilled, stick with it, and if you're not feeling it, find another teacher; different teachers a suited for different students, especially in a one on one environment. As for the piano tuner, that's just weird. You should definitely contact them to ask them what the deal was, and ask them to either send someone to re-tune the piano properly, or give you a refund. All pianos, when tuned to the correct frequency using specific tools and a tuning fork, should sound the same. Of course, with time, your piano will most likely fall a few cents flat, or some notes may play a few cents sharp, but the basic note should sound the same as every other piano, even if there are waves in the sound. You could always use an electric tuner to test the pitch of each note on an octave of your piano; it's very possible that your piano is in tune just fine, and the guy just didn't know what he was talking about. Either way, I wish you the best of luck with your piano studies, and with your plight to have a properly tuned piano!

  • To tune out a whole piano (a few minutes)

    To TUNE A PIANO - if you are an experienced technician by at least a year of constant tuning, about 1-1 1/2hrs. However if this is your first tuning job, prepare your ears for about 4 hours.

  • I tuned my piano not that long ago with an American made tuning hammer and a program on my android tablet called DaTuner Lite. My piano was out of tune by half a note in other words it was flat by one key so the C# sounded like a C natural so it sounded UGLY when playing along with something. (need to relearn songs I learned by ear)

  • We had once a guy tuning my piano for 2 hours and another one for 1 hour although they do it every depends on how much it is out of tune and how good the guy works 😉

  • The 90-minute figure came from an experienced piano tuner.

    For a person like me who knows how, but isn't experienced, it takes about 3 hours.

    If it's badly out of tune, you will risk breaking strings. To replace the strings, you will have to take the broken strings to a piano supply store and ask them for strings the same size.

  • This topic is worth more attention

  • Much less than one hundred years...Tell your father..

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