How long does newly mixed paint stay mixed?

I will be painting our bedroom on Saturday...if I buy the paint at lunch and have it mixed, will it still be uniformly mixed on Saturday?

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  • I work in the paint department at Home Depot. I know when we mix paint it can stay mixed pretty good for up to a week, but they do have stir sticks that are free and if it looks like it's separated a little just stir it up good.

  • Yes you can .Oil paint is more akin to coloured glue,you can use anything light enough with oils,Isaw a good picture of some rocks using a pair of tights to simulate the rocks,adding sand will give you texture and interest to your work,Try other ingredients ,cloth,rice,dried leaves etc,,, A pallet knife is a wonderfull tool,it can produce so much more than a brush,I have used a knife in a lot of my work and sold it quite can use anything to get that feel you want,try diferent sizes of knife,old kitchen knives are good.the prongs of a fork,your fingers,potato printing or the pther end of the paint brush. I have seen pictures done with oils dripped into a water bath and the canves drawn up from underneath allowing the paint to find its own place.A Spanish artist Juan Diaz uses this to good effect. Build up your work slowly adding layers as you see fit,it may be expensive but it is worth it. Try adding acrylics or even bog standard emulsions,they are quite cheap. I have more paint in the mixing tray than ever gets to the canvas,and I am building the mixing tray up over several years into a work of its own right, Try anything you will always find new ways of working with paint if you have the courage to try,after all iy is only paint.

  • where ever you buy the paint they should sell or have stirring sticks for the paint. Y ou can mix it your self as it should be mixed just before you use it. You can get them to mix it and then just before you use it stir it up good.

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