How long is an inning in baseball on average?

I know that there is no definite time, but on average how long does one inning last on average???

I know baseball innings aren't always the same time, I am just wondering on average how long do they last...

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  • Well, the average baseball game roughly is about 3 hours, so mathematically, an inning lasts about 20 mins if you want a a rough statistical average. But this is a pretty flawed answer, because there are innings that last an hour and there are innings that last a few minutes sometimes. Since baseball isn't timed you really can't answer the question.

  • The time that an inning takes veries. It could be a 123 inning or it could be an inning in which a team varies. Some innings could be a an hour or more long. Some could be 3 minutes. Depends on the circumstances

  • Generally, they play an average of 3 innings per hour, so that's approximately 20 minutes per inning.

    I've been to allot of games.

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    I've actually timed it before. An average full inning is 20 minutes so it would be three hours for a nine inning game.

  • locloc08's answer pretty much hits it on the head. I would argue the average game is closer to 2 hrs 45 mins, but that only translates to to two minutes less than 20 mins per inning (18 mins per full inning). So, locloc08's answer is close enough for government work.

  • Its about 3-4 hours long 😀

  • I can't answer this question because I haven't got to time every inning of every baseball game ever played, add up the minutes and seconds and then divide by the total number of innings in all games ever played.

    But if anyone else has, he/she is welcome to post the number.

  • Well the highest inning I have seen a team play is 25 innings

    But usually its 11 innings

  • always when I submit a question, even if its the simplest one, they cant provide me a proper informed answer . what happened to people who actually make the effort to answer??

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