How long should this “brief written statement” be?

"A brief written statement discussing your personal or professional goals and how pursuing study in art & design will help you to meet these goals."

It's for an application for a scholarship into the School of Visual Art's summer pre-college program. How long do you think I should make it?

2 Answers

  • I chaired a college scholarship committee for 20 years. I preferred a concise, well-written personal statement of no more than two pages, double-spaced. Make sure you check and double-check your spelling, grammar and punctuation!!!

  • They are going to have your handwriting analyzed and will probably base their hiring decisions on the results. Many employers do this, I did this. I hired one girl despite the fact that the handwriting analysis said she had the handwriting of a sociopath. She had arthritis and could barely hold a pencil so I thought the results were skewed. They were not. She was, indeed, every bit the scary little sociopath that her handwriting results revealed her to be. Coincidence? Maybe. I hope your handwriting is legible, strong, with clean strokes and perfect grammar. One paragraph should be enough. Also, the unedited part is because they want to evaluate your stream of thought, errors in your thinking, self corrections, along those lines.

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