How many bars are there in Chicago?

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  • Like 300 of them..........

  • With so many bars opening, closing, and changing names, it's difficult to get an exact number, but a website that does a great job of listing and reviewing bars is at: Chicago Bar Project

    It is currently listing 374 bars in the city of Chicago! Lucky us!

  • After nine years with the Chicago Bar Project (mentioned above at,/ I have assembled a list of 1,800 active bars in Chicago. These establishments are more "bar" than "restaurant" though many serve food - the predominant difference being that Chicago bars operate with a tavern license that allows them to stay open until 2am (3am Saturday) and bars with late-night licenses can stay open until 4am (5am Saturday). Restaurants in the city generally close around 11pm (12am Saturday) or earlier, though some Loop and hotel bars close around midnight.

    Source(s): Personal research combined with the City of Chicago's listing of tavern and late-night licenses.
  • I did a quick search of the ReferenceUSA business directory (used by many public libraries) for bars/pubs/c̫o̫ςκtail lounges/night clubs in Chicago and came up with a list of 1,097 establishments.

    Unfortunately, because it requires logging in via a library site, I can't just put the link here, but rest assured, it's a pretty big number!

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  • Many =]

  • bars of what?

  • too many.

    Source(s): chicagoan for life.
  • idk, but I have been to quite a few of them.

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