How many brussels sprouts are in one pound?

I am using a recipe that calls for 2 pounds of brussels sprouts. I bought fresh sprouts on the stalk. I have no idea how many sprouts equal a pound, and I can't find this information ANYWHERE. Please help. How many sprouts do I need?

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  • One pound of Brussels Sprouts equals about four cups.

    Store brussels sprouts in a loosely closed plastic bag and use within 3 to 5 days.

    To prepare Brussels Sprouts, remove any loose or wilted leaves and trim the stems. To reduce cooking time, cut a cross in the bottom of the stems. Rinse thoroughly.

    One quart of sprouts yields about about five servings.

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  • Sprout Cups

  • My recipe calls for 12oz so I just weighed some on my food scale - before washing and trimming I have 15 large sprouts weighing 14oz. I plan to add the other 4 because I figure after trimming that's the weight I need more or less.

  • It varies because the size of brussels sprouts varies. so what i would do, if you have a digital scale, take your weight, than grab a handful of brussels sprouts until that amount is two pounds more than your weight. that is how i would do it.

  • It will depend on the size but I would guess about 20.

    I would just weigh and count them myself.

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