how many calories in 1 lb. of strawberries?

about how many calories would be in a 1 pound box of strawberries?

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  • Strawberries can be a great dessert. and the good thing about them, is that the amount of calories in strawberries is not that high compared with other kinds of fruit.

    I've check the USDA site for you:

    1lb. of strawberries has 145 calories.

    1 cup of whole strawberries has 46 calories.

    And a single strawberry has 2-10 calories, depends on its size.

    Check out this site for more calories in strawberries information:

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  • Calories In Strawberries

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    how many calories in 1 lb. of strawberries?

    about how many calories would be in a 1 pound box of strawberries?

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