How many grams are in a Liter?

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  • grams measure mass

    liters measure volume

    your question has no answer, unless you tell us the density of the matter occupying one liter.

    a CC of water weighs (approximately) one gram. There are 1000 CCs in one liter, so a liter of water weighs about 1000 grams.

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    How many grams are in a Liter?

  • 1000 grams of water fit into a liter


    3 grams/liter will not give 3 grams in anything other than a liter. You have to divide/multiply the 3 by whatever multiple of 10 corresponds with the prefix you are trying to find. (i.e. 3g/L = .003g/mL)

  • Depends on what the material is and what its density is.

    For water, there are 1000 grams of water in a liter.

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    grams are a measure of weight, liters are a measure of volume. To know how much a given volume of fluid weighs, you must know the density of the fluid.

    Mass (g) = density (g/l) * volume (l)

    Water has a density of 1000g/l, so 1 liter of water weighs 1000 g (1 kg).

    Other fluids will have a different density though, and so 1 liter of chloroform (for example) will weigh more than 1 liter of water

  • No answer.

    Gram is for mass, liter is for volume.

  • 1 gram = 1mL

    so 1000 grams = 1L

  • 1L = 1000g of water

    you must find out what is ocuppying the liter first and convert to grams per liter.

  • 150 ml in gram

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