how many liters of diesel fuel will a 250kva generator consume in a week?

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  • It depends on the load and equipment.

    Here’s a stab at estimating the consumption.

    Assuming 100% load and 200KW (250KAV) produces approximately 121 GJ in a week.

    Diesel has about 38MJ/L

    100% conversion of fuel to energy 121E9/38E6 gives about 3184L a week.

    An efficiency from 10~25% is realistic.

    This gives a fuel consumption estimate in the range of 32KL to 12KL

    Since the system is likely not going to be running under full load, I would feel confidant estimating usage at 5k to 15k liters a week.

  • 250 Kva Generator

  • how many liters of diesel will a 250 KVA use per hour on full load

  • 14.3

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