How many miles per gallon does a 1970 VW Bus get with a 1600 cc engine?

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  • I would like to add that the 72 was the 1800 Porsche 914 engine, and did not get as good of mileage as the 70 1600.

    I would say around 25 mpg is what I got.

    But the mileage was best at around 50 mph, and dropped greatly at 70 mph, because of the wind resistance on the large flat front.

  • My 72 got about 21 on the freeway (empty)

    and about 16 to 18 around town,

    depending on how heavy footed I was and

    what kind of head / side / or tail wind there was.

    It had dual "solex" carbs that were questionable.

    Otherwise it ran well and I kept it in good shape.

    FYI... this was 1986 when max speed was 55 mph.

  • 1970s Volkswagen Van

  • Our '69 got about 18 mpg. Keep in mind that it was being wound out all the time and it has the aerodynamics of a barn door.

  • It completely depends on the car-has it been maintained properly? When was the last tune-up? Oil change? Fuel filter change? Are all the tires showing even wear? There are so many variables on a vehicle that your homework before buying it! Ask for maintenance records from the owner. If they don't have them, pass.

  • Mine used to get 25 or better on the freeway and 18 local.

    if you are getting different mpg check it has not been modified.. or your carb may be set up incorrectly.

  • 27 mpg when it was in the beetle now its in my rail buggy and get's 40 mpg.

  • It depends, with the years of use cars tend to lose MPGs, so being optimistic I would say 25mpg, being a pessimist I would say 6 MPG.

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