How many months along is 28 weeks pregnant>?

Is 28 weeks pregnant mean your 7 months pregnant ?

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  • you are *IN* your 7th month.

    So it means you are around 6 1/2 months pregnant.

    You have already completed 6 and a half months.

    Check out the Website will break it all down for you!

  • 7 months

  • 7 months

  • Considering a full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks, being 28 weeks pregnant would be 6.5 months pregnant. Reason being because at 28 weeks your baby is actually only 26 weeks old. If you recall, by the time you get a positive pregnancy test around the time your period is due, you really only are 2 weeks pregnant because you ovulated about 2 weeks before then, but doctors go by your last period date and consider you to be 4 weeks pregnant at that time. Confusing, I know! But gestationally speaking, your baby is 6.5 months old.

  • The beginning of the 7 month!

  • In customary calendar months you're 6 & a million/4 months out of 9. All you could desire to do is divide your # weeks by making use of four.33 because of the fact there are 4.33 weeks interior the final month. some people positioned purely 4 weeks in a month, yet do no longer pay attention to them. that could propose that we are pregnant for 10 months on condition that 4x10=40. Who desires to be pregnant for 10 months, lol?

  • Yep. 28 weeks divided by 4 weeks equals 7 months, roughly. Hope this helps!!

  • 7 months pregnant.

  • exactly! 28/4=7

  • At 28 weeks you are beginning your 7th month! I can't wait to get there!

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