How many of the following molecules are polar?

PCl5, COS, XeO3, SeBr2

Haven't gone over this in class so I'm trying to understand but really need help!!!

4 Answers

  • PCl5 is trigonal bipyramidal. It is nonpolar overall.

    COS is linear triatomic. It is polar overall because the CO bond is more polar than the CS bond.

    XeO3 is pyramidal, with the Xe at the apex. The XeO bonds are polar, so the molecule is polar overall.

    SeBr2 is bent (angular). The SeBr bonds are polar and the molecule is polar overall.

  • 3 are polar in Mastering Chemistry

  • Note that "COS" actually bonds as O-C-S, not C-O-S. That makes a big difference when looking at bond polarity.

  • two of then are polar and the other two are nonpolar

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