how many paragraphs is 1200 words?

i am writing a 1200 word essay for english class so i want to know how many paragraphs that would be

4 Answers

  • That depends. But based on my experiences and the essays I've written, I think that there should be more than 5 paragraphs involved. As matter of fact, maybe 6-8 at the least. But that all depends. However, you can use Microsoft Word, and it will count the words for you. That way, you can keep track.

  • It depends on how long each paragraph is. But usually, 1200 word essay is about 4 pages IF double spaced.

  • 1200 words. For me, 5 pages. I do three really really long paragraphs (well, not 'paragraphs' as such, but headings - eg. narrative style, music, etc.)

    Ye I find it hard to condense everything I need to say into around 1200 words, is it better to take the approach of a few big paragraphs rather than more smaller paragraphs in this question

  • ...That depends entirely on how big your paragraphs are.

    We cant tell you how many pages it is either, as that depends on your font.

    If you were to use a font size 9 or so, that would be about 2.5 pages

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