How many people or meals can one cow feed?

4 Answers

  • The average weight of a beef cow is around 1650 lbs, which would yield 675 lbs of meat, however dairy cows are smaller at about 1200 lbs, yielding about 500 lbs of meat. This same dairy cow can give up to 20,000 lbs of milk per year If you ate an 8oz portion of beef every day, it would take 1350 days to eat 1 beef cow or 1000 days to eat a dairy cow. If the average person drank two 8oz glasses of milk per day, one cow would give enough milk to supply 20,000 people for a year.

  • An 1,150 lb. steer doesn’t yield 1,150 lbs. of beef. On the average, that steer yields a 714 lb. carcass. Approximately 146 lbs. of fat and bone are trimmed off leaving about 568 lbs. of retail beef cuts."*

  • How much does the cow weigh?

    It can feed more if you leave it alive and simply milk it.

  • Depends upon the health situation and body type it have.

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