How many pounds of calcium oxide, CaO, must be added to

how many pounds of calcium oxide, CaO, must be added to the water to achieve a pH of 3.83?


Below are some potentially useful conversion factors.


1 gallon=4 quarts

1 quart=0.946L

The precipitation of aluminum hydroxide, Al(OH)3 (Ksp}=1.3* 10^{-33}), is sometimes used to purify water.

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  • you should have your [OH-] from the pH, which should equal 6.76x10^-11

    You should also be given the total volume of the water.

    With the [OH-] and volume, you can calculate the moles of OH-

    then you have chemical equation CaO + H2O --> Ca2+ + 2OH-

    using stoichiometry, the moles of CaO is moles of OH- divided by 2

    you take that number of moles and multiply by molar mass of CaO (56.077g/mol) to get the mass and convert to lb by dividing by 453.6

    Source(s): Mastering Chem
  • a million.0 Potassium is very electropositive element with low ionization ability. This resources makes the outer valance electrons ejection really basic with electric powered voltage. As you comprehend electric powered impulses are by using bypass of electrons 2.0 4 moles of Al reacts with 3 moles O2 giving Aluminum oxide. this signifies that 8 moles of Al desire six moles of O2 3.0 team III era iv, in all likelihood the element is Ga and the Oxide is Ga2O3 4.0 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s13Px1

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