how many teeth do you have when you’re a teen? *stupid question* i know but deal with it and answer it. :)

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  • The answer is 28 or 32 depending on if you have your wisdom teeth yet. The general age for getting wisdom teeth is 18-21 so it is more likely that you will have 28.

  • Good question – but it all depends. There are 20 baby teeth to start with – most teens have lost them all, but some still have a molar or two hanging around waiting for the adult tooth to push them out. Most adults have 32 when they all come in, but the 3rd set of molars (wisdom teeth) can take a very long time to show up – a few people don’t have them at all- and if there is not enough room they will sometimes come in only partially or stay impacted in the jaw (that’s when they need to come out for sure).

  • 32 is the normal adult complement of teeth. But when you’re a teen, you may not have gotten your wisdom teeth yet; so until they come in, you have 28.

    This can vary by individual, though. I had no lower wisdom teeth at all, and only one of the uppers came down. So if I had kept them all, I would have 29 teeth now. (Actually I had four pulled for orthodontic reasons when I was 12, and the one upper wisdom tooth that did come in was pulled when I was about thirty, leaving me with a total of 24.)

  • Think you have 28 then your wisdom teeth (4) start coming in usually late teens early 20s, so you end up with 32.

  • 28

  • Typically 28 until your wisdom teeth come in and then it’s 32 – until you have your wisdom teeth removed. Then it’s 28 again. Typically.

  • 28 until the wisdom teeth grow in, then 32.

  • Usually 28/before your wisdom teeth then 32. As long as you haven’t had any permanent ones knocked out or pulled out.

  • I beleive the average is 32.

  • 32 so give me my ten points since I was the first to answer because everybody will get this right. Well at least I thought I was until I got finish typing.

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