how much are tri-color pit bull puppies worth?

6 weeks old red nose/american

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  • Dont buy a 6 wk old puppy. They shouldnt leave their mother until 8-12 wks old, this is how they develop social skills and get all the nutrition from their mom, even if the breeder says they are eating puppy food. Make sure they are registered and from a good breeder, ask lots of questions and demand to see both parents and their papers, request papers for you puppy when you pick up the puppy. Dont pay alot for an unregistered puppy no matter what the breeder tells you, they might just want to make a sale. good luck and please do your research prior to purchasing a puppy.

    Source(s): dog owner/ trainer
  • Well since the term Pitbull isn't actually a breed, and they are a dime a dozen (doesn't make them any less adorable or wanted) but they really don't fetch much in the money department. Anyone who wants a pitbull can drive to their local animal shelter (well if it's legal) and rescue one from there. They are of no less breeding stock than yours, but have been bred for the same reasons and then couldn't be taken care of.

  • Color is one of the least important things with pit bulls. The quality of the parents is far more important.

  • About $50 from your local shelter. Plenty of them there. And no pup should be sold at 6 weeks of age. 8 weeks minimum.

  • It depends on the breeding..

    More important than the price tag, please make sure your pitties go to good responsible homes.. Far too many pits end up unwanted, in shelters,or in abusive homes..

  • the puppies aree...

    around $600 (unless its from a rehoming center)

  • Depends on the bloodlines.What registery are they with? UKC? ADBA?

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