How much brandy to get drunk?

How many shots of brandy does it take for a 135 lb cнιcκ to get drunk?

5 Answers

  • The way I judge it, Drink until you can hardly talk or walk....

  • It depends on how much alcohol the girl drinks. The most seasoned female drinker would need about 5 shots get drunk off brandy. The average 135lb girl would need about 2 or 3 shots.

  • Depends on how much u drink and what the alcohol percentige is. If its about 40 take about 6 or 7. I take like 15-20 but i drink a lot.

  • Remember the liver can only absorb 3/4 ounce of alcohol per hour. Two shots is probably enough. Why get drunk? Makes you out of control and stupid. Buzzed is good (21?) but drunk seems more fun than it is.

  • Personally takes me about 6 im about that size

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