How much did baby Jesus weigh when he was born?

6 Answers

  • 6lbs 6.6 oz

  • This is difficult because of disagreement over the conversion of the weights system in use in Bethlehem at that time - could have been Roman but more likely Judaic. To convert the latter into today's metric or avoirdupois weights is where the scholarly controversy arises. Using the Isiah ben-Elton method the weight would be 6lbs 9ozs, whereas under the Joaquin Peso-Doffa method it would be 3.88 kilograms.

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  • according to "the truth about jesus" by Alan Jabwil

    Jesus was a fat boy. with features of Barabbas.

  • 9lbs 9.9 oz

    (he came out upside down)

  • 8lbs 6oz, according to Ricky Bobby.

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