How much do hair extensions cost?

I want to make my hair longer. Its Right at my chest right now and i want to get my hair below my chest. So how much are hair extensions? And will they affect your hair in a bad way?

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  • Heeey there ,

    alright well i've had hair extensions before.

    & im letting you know right now, no matter what get the REAL HAIR extensions.. fake hair extensions if you put heat to them , they just look like all frizzy and horse like hair.. the real hair extensions ( clip in recommended ) are like around 100-150 bucks at a good store..

    get your phone book, and call around for the best deal .

    but honestly they get VERY annoying so easily.. like you'll love them for about a month.. but then when you go out and stuff, they tend to fall out alot and stuff, and when you get them sewn in they just tug at your hair and you have alot of bumps in the back of your head..

    not attractive..

    hope i helped 🙂

  • Cost depends on a number of factors. The type of hair extension, the amount of hair used, the length of hair or the look desired. Also, geography plays a part. NYC, LA, Chicago, will be more expensive that smaller towns across the USA, due to expenses incurred by the salon.

    A top of the line hair extension system like Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, will cost more because of the premium nature of the hair. It costs the salon more money to buy, hence the added costs to the customer. To add body to hair, figure you need $600 and up, to add length, figure $1500 and up.

    There are more affordable methods. In general with what I said earlier, the duration the extension lasts, plays a factor in price also. If it last a couple of months, it will be cheaper than something that lasts up to 6 months. You can get a system like UltraTress and Simplicity for around $500, which is an affordable option.

    Be careful just judging on price. If it cost $200 for full head of hair extensions, stay away. They will probably destroy your hair.

    Use only 100% Natural Remy Human Hair Extensions. Avoid Synthetic, and make sure the person is a licensed hair dresser.

  • It depends on what type you get and where you live. Prices vary with each stylist. They can range anywhere from $500 to $2500. There are 2 common types of extensions - weaves and keratin bonded. Weaves are when they braid the hair and sew the hair to each tiny braid. Keratin bonded extensions are made out of keratin obviously - but it is the same protein your hair is made of. It isn't very damaging at all, and it looks much more natural than a weave. They apply these strands with heat. Ask around, most stylist do a free consultation for extensions!

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How much do hair extensions cost?

    I want to make my hair longer. Its Right at my chest right now and i want to get my hair below my chest. So how much are hair extensions? And will they affect your hair in a bad way?

  • 'So how much are hair extensions?'

    it depends if you choose synthetic fibre or human hair.

    synthetic you can buy for very cheap, because they are a plastic fibre they may look like real hair for a bit, but they can turn pretty nasty looking and you cannot straighten/curl or use heat on these as they will burn and ruin,

    100% human hair is the hair extensions i buy. because basically nobody will be able to tell you are wearing them as they are the aturalist when it comes to hair extensions. if you get the right colour and length. it will look like your own hair.

    you can straighten and curl these too and use them in your normal hair ruitine.

    these can range in price. if you want good hair yaki human hair is the priciest. in a salon it could range from £150-400 ( $320-$800)

    or you can just buy the weft itself for (in the uk £30-£60) (in the us around $70-$150)

    'And will they affect your hair in a bad way?'

    Yes and No

    For people who use the clip in method of extensions it can pull on your hair roots, which may result in thinner or slight bald areas (in bad cases),

    For people who use the sew in method its less likely to cause dammage to your natural hair follicals and the roots.

    you will need someone to sew the weft to your hair for that method.

    Theres other methods like glue & microrings, they are the most fiddley.

    and its best to speak to someone with experience with bonding glue and microrings

    Good Luck

  • Hair extenitons cost differnt p[rices it all matters with which Kind u get the kind that is lease damages is about 6 dollars for about 6 in added and For like 12 in like 10 dollars but it might be diff from where u are... the least damageing one is REAL hair... which can range from about 6 -80 dollars Which comes back to how long you want it

  • depends on your hair type. Where u buy the hair from. And how much they charge to put the extensions in.

    Extensions with hair included range from $150 - $400.00

  • Fake ones like jessica simpson (they are still nice) are like 100-150$ (where i live) but real hair ones are like 300-400$ and those are the ones you want if you want to curl them or straighten them. Hair extensions really start to thin out your hair because you are always taking them out.. but they do the truck ahha. Hope you find some you like : ):)

  • if you get clip in ones they are about 100 or up.

    if you want like really nice ones that stay in and you

    get them done in a saloon 200 +

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