How much do tumbling classes or cheerleading classes cost?

I want to be a cheerleader and the try outs aren't for a long time. And I'm wondering how much it costs. And I have another question. Is it more better for me to just do it at home or something? I already know how to do a cartwheel, handstand, and backbend. And I just need a couple of inches on my front split.

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  • Rec classes usually start at about $40 a month.

  • How Much Are Tumbling Classes

  • Okay,

    Cheerleading its self can cost alot! Not counting tumbling classes. I am a competitive and jr high cheerleader at my school. Competitive costs about $1,000 everytime you do it or more depending on the squad, Just school cheer costs about $300 if they make you pay for camp and whatnot. If not itll be about 200 because you have to pay for warm up suit, bow, bloomers, shoes, and if you have them, bags. Im pretty sure unless you guys get to keep yours you dont pay for the uniform. But if you keep them than thats about $70 dollars added to the $300 which totals up to almost $400 for the year. Also you will probably have to have your roundoff and both sides of your splits (optional unless your team, like both of mine has to have them) but roundoffs are basically essintial for any cheer squad, school or competitive. Now for your other question, tumbling classes are typically about $20 a class depending on what class you have some are lower and some are alot higher but twenty is usually the lowest it is. Also if you can possibly you should get your back handspring because thatll definately get you extra points ;). Hope I helped.

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