how much does a gallon of whole milk weigh?

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  • I would go to a grocery store and get a gallon of whole milk and take it up to the produce dept. and put it in one of the scales and weigh it. 🙂 Because I really have no idea , but thats what I would do.

  • Quote from government website:

    “a gallon of milk weighs about 8 pounds”

    Obviously it is assumed that whole milk is the milk used.

  • Slightly LESS than a gallon of water, despite the dissolved solids. Whole milk also contains about 4% butterfat, which is less dense than water (it floats to the top) and so it weighs less than water does. Milk is the most useless liquid for a standard, because it goes bad. You can’t keep a standard container of milk around for long. Use water as a standard.

    17 NOV 06, 0521 hrs, GMT.

  • yup i heard 8 pounds. n no a gallon of milk wouldnt weigh more than a gallon of water. thats like the…

    which is heavier? ton of feathers or ton of lead? thing

    they weight the same 🙂

  • a gallon of fluid weighs eight pounds I heard

  • This isn’t really a may=th question, but here goes.

    1 gal H2O weighs about 8.345#/gal

    I think milk is a little heavier because there are solids disolved in it so my guess is around 9#/gal.

  • roughly 8 pounds i imagine

    a 12-pack of soda is between 9 and 10 pounds

  • 8 pounds

  • about 2 pounds

  • 8.6 pounds! it is heavier than water at 8.3 pounds per gallon.

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