How much does a llama cost?

i want to buy a llama!!!

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  • There is a huge price range depending on what you are looking for. You can find llamas for as little as $50 at exotic animal auctions but oftentimes they have bahavioral problems caused by mistreatment and are not suitable for a beginner. The other side of the spectrum is the top quality show animals that go for thousands. If you are looking for a good pet, a nice gelding is your best bet. Again, be wary of extremely cheap llamas, and plan on spending $300 or more on a good pet quality gelding with a nice temperament. For lots of good information about starting out with llamas go to and check it out. With proper handling and training, they are truly wonderful and gentle animals.

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  • Comon, ppl be serious. We all know llamasdon't really exist. Think about it. Have you ever SEEN a llama? I bet you said you have seen a llama. How did you know it was really a llama? did you think it was a llama because someone just TOLD you it was? If I said I had a kangaroo in my back yard and you didn'y know the diffrence between a kangaroo and a dog you would believe me. But again, we all know kangaroos and llamas arn't real. A fictional one should run you about $6,740.00 including feed for a year (comes standard) But like the other guy said. A place to keep it is going to be the expensive part. How many fictional zoos have you been to?

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  • This Site Might Help You.


    How much does a llama cost?

    i want to buy a llama!!!

  • Out here (by Abilene, TX) llamas run from $200-$300 each... if you're in the area, I know quite a few people who are interested in selling a few...


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  • It depends on the lineage of the animal. There's a pretty broad range. (Also remember that the cost of the animal doesn't include the ongoing cost of feed, veterinary bills, etc.)

  • I think they are similar in price range to Yaks, of course they're usually priced by weight so the lighter the better buddy!

  • usually 200-850 grandma raised some once.

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