How much does a magician cost?

If anyone has ever invited a magician to an event or is a magician themselves, can you please share the cost of the magician. Was it hourly/per show? What was required for the magician to perform?

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  • Magicians' rates can vary a great deal, based in part on their experience and popularity. To be more certain of quality, ask not only if they are a "professional" (which sometimes get interpretted very loosely), but also if this is their fulltime living.

    Some performances are billed by the show. No matter if they trim or add a few minutes, the price is still the same. Keep in mind that part of a performer's time for your event is getting to and from. If the performer has a 40 minute show and you request that they trim it to 20, but he has to travel 2 hours to and from your event, you can easily see why your request to cut the time in half is not going to effect the price.

    Professional performances may be found starting at about $250.00 for a one person show. Lower prices, usually indicate that you are getting an amateur or hobbyist. Larger shows, including illusions or animals, will have larger prices associated with them.

    Close-up performers, those that work from their pockets and usually move through the crowd, will often work at an hourly rate.

    Rates for close-up performers will depend on how many hours your are retaining them for. For professionals, expect the rate to be around $125.00/hour and up with a minimum charge of $250.00 to $300.00. Amateurs and hobbyists may work for as little as $75.00 to $100.00/hour, but again may have minimums of 2 or three hours charge to come to your event.

    If you have additional concerns, feel free to email me directly.

    Incidentally, I've been a fulltime pro for over 25 years.

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  • Here s a helpful article on hiring a corporate entertainer/ magician. Not sure if this is what you re looking for as most people are usually looking for a birthday party magician. The price point for a corporate magician is much, much higher than whats discussed above...

  • i haven't hired one but i have some magic tricks if you want me to perform for you~!

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