how much does a pig roast hog cost?

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  • Depending on how big the pig is, it can cost anywhere between $200-400 bucks. That's how much it is where I live.

  • Pig Roast Cost

  • You would have to ask a butcher because they buy hogs whole. Also, my family and friends have often just ordered the darn thing fully roasted at Asian bbq shop or lunch places where they sell food by the pound. I believe it's probably around $200 for a whole roasted pig. The price and availability would depend on where you are too.

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    how much does a pig roast hog cost?

  • Depends on the size of the hog they can vary form $180 and up my dad sell his pigs for $1.50 a pound in northern Michigan your going to want a hog that is young older ones have a weird taste to them

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