How much does blowing up a picture at walmart cost?

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  • As of when I quit last January:

    4x6: $.25

    5x7: 1.47

    8x10: 2.84

    That's the biggest they'll do in 1-hr. You can send it out, it'll take 2 weeks. Prices are listed on the kiosk when you order, or the sign on their counter. Some stores print larger in store using large format inkjet printers - prices I'm unsure of since we didn't have that in the store I managed. As stated before, if it's a professional image, marked or not, they won't print it without a release.

  • 1

  • I think 7 to 10, maybe more if they charge you with terrorism. And, yes you can buy explosives at Walmart - black powder in the sporting goods section.

  • Well, generally explosives can not be bought at walmart. Since it is a 2d picture, you should be able to use a 2d dynamite stick such as

    The cost would be 5 dollars, but you might want to get a second totaling 10 dollars

  • Depends on how big you want to make it. They are pretty cheap though. Make sure that it isn't a professional picture though. If it is they wont blow it up for you.

  • Gee... why don't you do what any sensible person does and ask THEM !!!


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