How much does it cost to get a second ear piercing at Wal-Mart?

I want a second ear piercing and I was going to get it at Claires or Icing and i know it's free with the purchase of earrings, but they're all so expensive. How much does it cost at Wal-Mart?

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  • yeah, walmart like claires does ear piercing free too

    with the purchase of earrings. ive never got mine there

    but i have looked at there selection and the cheapest ive

    seen and earring was $10. which isnt bad. the cheapest

    earring in claires is like $17 and it looked reall crappy ;P

  • Cost Of Ear Piercings

  • wal mart has free piercings with the purchase of earrings around 10 dollars, claires has been at least 25 dollars everytime ive gotten a piercing there.

    Source(s): i work at wal mart pharmacy, got my ears pierced at claires 3 times and wal mart 3 times
  • It doesn't cost a lot at claire's. It's like 37-40 depending on the earrings. i didn't know Wal-mart did piercings?

    Source(s): got my second hole like a week ago.
  • It would probably be safer, and more reliable if you got it done at a real shop. It might be more expensive but you know you wont get infected (that is, if you take good care of it). I got my third holes done at the icing and my ears became really inflamed so i had to change the earrings to longer posts. I assume they will probably use guns at wal-mart because its easier to train people that way. They will probably do a good job you just want to make sure you get long posts so that you have some room to clean it later. It will probably be between 30 and 40 dollars wherever you go.

  • walmart lets you pick the earrings and they range from 10$ to 20 at most I think..piercing is free

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