How much does the ontario G1 test cost?

I need to take it lol.

My mom says I gotta save up for it...sooo...any idea?

4 Answers

  • the G1 test is $125, and that includes your actual G1 written test, and the G1 exit test (the road test you do to get your G2), if you fail the G1 written test, you have to pay another $10 to do it again, but you can go back the same day and re-write it. If you fail your G1 exit test, it's an extra $40 to do it again and you have to wait at least 10 days in between tests.

    good luck 🙂

  • G1 Test Cost

  • Kelly, contact the Motor Vehicles Department in Ontario, this is the Travel Category.

  • A G1 licence is $125.00

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