how much dollars is 800 wii points?

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  • Generally... one dollar equals 100 Wii points...

    So... 800 Wii points would equal about 8 dollars!!

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  • $8 = 800 Wii Points.

    However, the minimum for buy Wii points directly from your Wii Console using a credit card is $10 (1000 Wii Points).

    The Minimum for buying Wii Points in a store is $20 (2000 Wii Points).

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    how much dollars is 800 wii points?

  • How Much Are Wii Points

  • 8 bucks

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  • 800 Wii points is US$8 if you buy it by credit card. Put in mind that buying it from a store will make it more expensive because of tax. And buying it from an online store is even more expensive becuase of shipping cost.

    You can only buy in increments of 1000 points ($10) by credit card.

    You can only buy 2000 point *$20) cards from stores.

  • It would make since that it would be 8 dollars.

    The 2200 wii points card is $22.

  • $1 is 100 wii points so it wudd be $8

  • Buy some wiiware, If you get $20 out of an ATM for something which costs $15, you still have $5. It's not wasted, you still have it. If you paid a transaction fee, then you may have wasted $2.50. Of course Nintendo wants your money, it's a business. I recommend things like LIT or World of Goo. They're great games.

  • $8 but you can't buy a wii points card that has $8 on it. the minimum is $10. or you can just use your credit card to get wii points if you're lazy like me 🙂

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