how much is 10,000 pesos and 100,000 pesos would be in dollars?

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  • Try using Yahoo Finance

    The exchange rate changes daily.

  • The exchang rate for Mexico fluctuates, however it is usually 10 to 1. So in other words for every $1 US dollar is equal to $10 pesos. To answer your question 10000 pesos is $1000 US dollars and 100,000 pesos is equal to $10,000. If you do have a bill in those high of amount they may no longer be in circulation. If you happen have coins that are from 1970 to 1992, they are out of circulation, and have no value. In 1993, Mexico issued “Nuevo” pesos (new pesos) in order to stem inflation, and the last two zeros were removed from the value – in other words, an “old” peso coin with a face value of $1000 was worth what a $10 nuevo peso coin is worth today. Currency from this time period is very common, and is no longer accepted for exchange. Banknotes are printed in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos. The most commonly used are the 100 and 200 Peso notes. 500 and 1000 Peso banknotes are hard to spend because most merchant will not have change for higher bills.

  • The exchange rate changes daily, it usually is about 10 pesos per dollar. So 10,000 pesos is roughly at least 1,000 dollars and 100,000 is about 10,000.

  • it changes from day to day it is usually 10 to 11 pesos per dollar

    100 pesos=10 dollars

  • 10,000 pesos =$899.50

    100,000 pesos=$8995.03

    as of March 12, 2007 today

  • About 900 and 9,000 if they were NEW pesos. Collectors items if they are OLD pesos

    Current pesos used in Mexico

  • 10,000 Mexican pesos = 896.724266 U.S. dollars

    100,000 Mexican pesos = 8 967.24266 U.S. dollars

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