How much is 2.1k on Instagram?

So if someone was like I have 2k that means they have 2000 followers right?

And if someone says I have 2.1k does that mean 2100 or 21000? It confusing me! I'm asking this beacuse one of my accounts has 2134 followers and I need to know if I have 2k or 2.1k? Just a simple answer don't make it sound like I'm stupid and it's the easiest thing in the world.

3 Answers

  • k=1000

    so 2.1k means 2100

  • k is short for 1,000.

    so yes: 2k is 2,000. 2.1k is 2,100, etc.

    with 2,134 followers, it is safe to say that you have over 2.1k followers, yes.

  • yes yo have about 2.13k followers

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