How much is a crib at once upon a child?

I was wondering if anyone know the price of a crib at once a child

and maybe a stroller/carseat travel system

4 Answers

  • I'm guessing around 100 or so for a used crib. Probably at least 60 for a travel system. Maybe more. Prices are usually higher at once upon a child than they are at regular resale shops like goodwill or salvation army. Prices are usually about the same or maybe a little lower than craigslist. However, I hardly see any decent baby stuff at regular thrift stores, so once upon a child isn't that bad, and you can see and compare things in person compared to craigslist. However, you might have better luck finding a better deal or a better condition item (with the travel system) at yardsales, craigslist, freecycle if you wait long enough and pounce on a good price.

  • once upon a child is a consignment shop, meaning they do not always have cribs or stroller, prices vary. call your local shop and ask.

  • With the time it took for you to post this question, you could Yahoo'd it and had an answer

  • Do they not have a website.

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