how much is the average cost of a maltese puppy?

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  • I used to own malteses. They are adorable and very sweet. It really would depend where you get your puppy. I went to a place in New Jersey where I spent $1,500 and that was five years ago. As an example I now have a cockapoo which is another small breed and he was only $425 because I went to a private breeder. I don’t like store where they offer a lot of different pets like a puppy mill or pet store. They reel you in because they are so cute but then they charge a lot and the pets usually have health problems. I would go to a private breeder. They would be much less expensive, the pet would be healthier, and I bet the pet would have a much better temperament being free in someone’s house instead of kept in a cage at a pet store. I would think the cost could be anywhere from $800-$2,000. I would definitely not spend more than that. Good luck in your search.

  • Cost Of Maltese Puppy

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    how much is the average cost of a maltese puppy?

  • Healthy well bred pups anywhere from $300-$1,500. The dog from down the street or pets store may be in the lower range but will most likely come with plenty of health or behavior problems due to bad breeding.

    First month cost of puppy will be in the $1,000 range for vet care and supplies, not including the dog. You’ll have to pay monthly fees for food and replacement toys as well. Expect to pay a lot for grooming – my girl had to go in every three months and it was about $100 to get her clipped and bathed.

    Other thing to consider: training, carpet cleaner, replacement rugs, etc.

    Maltese dogs are great but a lot of work. Ours used to mat up so bad and never let us brush her more than once a week. She was nippy and high strung. Most little dogs are, though hers was due to my parents not socializing her – she was their dog and i was too young to do much in the way of bringing her places.

  • They can range anywhere from $500 to several thousands of dollars. When my ex-husband bought me my Maltese he paid $750. I think that is about the average cost of Maltese puppies. I think it also depends if they are in high demand in your area.

  • I would say about $500-$3000. They are pretty expensive but totally worth it. Not only are the adorable, but they make the best pet. They are so well behaved. Good Luck!!

    Also try this site for homeless maltese puppies in your area.

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  • Maltese puppies can cost from around $800 to $6,000.

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  • a healthy well breed puppy will cost from $1000 and up.

    but they are great dogs and they are worth it.

    my step mom breeds them and i love them all to peices.

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