How much is the CT Scan cost in the philippines?

how about a ct scan on the head? Cos my father's docotr thinks he's got a blood clot in his head floowing a fall 2 months ago... how much do u think it is? he's in the province, do you think its cheaper there?

And to mr. fultank, your advice is very helpful too, thanks. 🙂

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  • Depends on where you have it done and which part of the body. There are some CT scans which are not hospital based and they are genrally cheaper.

    A cranial CT scan without contrast may cost around 2,300 pesos while an abdominal scan would cost around 5,000 pesos. Try I-scan, it's located near V.Luna ave in Quezon City. That's where I send my patients so they don't spend too much

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  • This Site Might Help You.


    How much is the CT Scan cost in the philippines?

  • How much cost is the Full Body CT Scan?

  • Yeah man, although 12k sounds just a little excessive for a CT scan, I'm sure they were telling you the truth unfortunately.. What kind of bike? Do you have auto insurance on the bike? If so that would cover it.

  • how much is facial CT scan here in the philippines

  • Lowest CT Scan is at St. Lukes hospital near children's hospital in E.rodriguez QC. it cost P10,000 as of last year.

  • how much po ct scan on head for child?? shes 4 yrs old now..tnx

  • how about mindanao area.. how much is the cost of ct scan. any idea? my sister told me around 15k is that true?

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