How much money can I make on Chaturbate?

Do people tip good? How does the paying process go?

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  • no. I have been on there for about a year now and have had no problem with it. I gave them my ssn and i get my money right on time. IT is legit. All places need your ssn for tax purposes. On this site you are considered an independent contractor so don't forget to file your taxes also.

  • Is somebody from Europe how broadcast for chaturbate? I have problems with the payment through Payoneer, it been 7 days and I didn`t get paid, I`ve contacted the chaturbate and the Payoneer but the problem is not solved... What kind of payment did you choose? And if it works? Tnx

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  • The number on that are very off. Every token is worth 0.05 cents. So 2000 tokens is actually about $100. But getting the right ppl in your room as I do as a male cam model can get you between 1000 and 2000 tokens a day. When you add that up its a pretty nice amount of extra income.

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