How much money should i bring to warped tour?

i have never been to warped tour and i am going to one next week. What should i expect and what else should i bring besides money? also what time does warped tour usually end?

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  • Expect to get dirty, sweaty and to have a lot of fun.

    Once you get inside go straight to the Main Stage and Vans tent there will be a huge blow up with the stage/bands/times. Have a sharpie handy to write down the times of the bands you want to see to plan your day.

    Get to the band stage 30 minutes before they play if you want a good spot.

    Explore all the booths a lot of them give you free stuff.

    BRING: Water, Sunscreen, Hand sanitizer, kleenex, brush, backpack, sharpie, money, cellphone

    Eat a good breakfast that day.

    Eat at warped tour even if you don't feel hungry.

    Take a break in the shade every once in awhile to cool off and relax.

    Dress for the weather. Don't wear jeans, flip flops or dark colors.

    Stick to shorts, t-shirt or tank top and comfy shoes.

    Bring between $100-150 because food/water is expensive you will spend at least $40 on that alone.

    Merch prices:






    Warped usually ends around 8:30-9:00 PM

    Warped tour survival guide (tips for first timers)

  • What to expect; Well, Warped Tour is basically a setup of about 7 stages and there's a ton of merch booths spread around the whole festival. Bands are always playing and some bands even do signings before or after their set. Last year, I talked to a ton of people and they were extremely nice. :D.

    What else you should bring; Sunscreen, a sharpie (autographs!), water (some venues don't allow water, but it's always good to try), a rain poncho (depending on your weather), a drawstring backpack (you get a lot of free stuff during the day, plus it'll be good to hold the things you buy), a digital or disposable camera (no professional cameras are allowed),and as much money as you can bring.

    How much you should bring; Last year I only had about 70 dollars and I spent 20 of it on water, but this year they have a 'Clean Canteen" station, where you can refill your empty water bottles. Then I only had 50 dollars left, and I got a shirt, a wristband, and a necklace. Really, it depends on how much merch you think you're going to want. This year, I saved up 300 dollars just to be sure that I don't have to be restricted when I want something, and I can buy what I want. 😀

    What time does it end; Well it normally starts at around 11 am or 12 pm, depending on your venue, and it ends at around 9 or 10 pm.

    Have fun! :D.

  • most cds are about 5$ and you usually get a deal like buy a cd get something free. almost all the shirts are 20$ except skate 4 cancer ones are only 5$ and the money goes to an amazing cause i got a shirt from there its so cute. bracelets are like 5$ ya know the rubber ones with words on them a bottle of soda is 5$ water is like 4.50 and a small bag of chips is 3!! so expensive nachos are 7! sunglasses are below 10 and bandannas are 5 have fun!!

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