How much oil is full on a VW air cooled 1600 dual port stock in quarts or liters?

My dipstick is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Answers

  • Assuming you do a full oil change, and that you do not have any accessories like an external oil cooler, the crank case will take 3 us quarts.

    While you are doing it, lets fix your dipstick.

    1) Drain the oil. (clean the filter and get new gaskets). Let it drain for about 10 to 15 minutes to get as much oil out as possible.

    2) Reinstall the filter and the plates, tighten the nuts and add TWO (2) quarts. Wait about 5 minutes and pull the dipstick. It should be on the 'low' mark. If it is not, make a new mark at the oil level with a hacksaw or etching device., wipe off any metal parts and put it back in.

    3) Add the third quart and make a new line for the 'full' level.

    now your dipstick is correct (and your oil is changed).


  • Vw Bug Oil Capacity

  • change oil, clean oil strainer, put 3 qts back in an you ok. 2.5 is correct but 3 qt will be ok

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