How much US dollars is 100000 mexican pesos?

I have 2 50,000 peso bills how much are both worth in US currency

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  • Around $ 8.00 usd. The former line of currency was discontinued and a new created in 1992 three zeros were removed and the new was par with the old, in fact it was exactly valued at the same. People had three years to exchange old for new.

    They are worth $4 each @ 12 to 1 actual value = 50pesos each. You could have had breakfast and lunch for 50,000.00

    Houses were running off the calculators and cars were in the millions of pesos

    The bank of Mexico will stll honor your bills minus 3 zeros.

  • Unfortunately, since Mexico issued those bills, they’ve revalued the peso at a rate of 1000 “old” pesos (like yours) being equal to one “new peso”.

    With one new peso being equal to about $.08, they’d have a face value of about $8 each–if they’re still exchangeable (which I don’t think they are).

  • Erm no you have to have pesos to consume things in Mexico well I think if you go to any state near the US then they may accept US dollars but if you go to Mexico city you would need pesos because they would not accept US dollars, I know this because Im from there so you are getting proffesional advice…

  • Those bills value is nothing, I recommend you to sell them as collectible and you´ll get more money.

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