How much will an average belly button piercing cost? ( England only)?

i'm planning on getting my navel pierced in a few weeks, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me the average price? i know all places are different, but a starting point would be helpfull. also, does anyone have any tips for navel piercings?

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  • I've seen prices ranging from £17 to £45, but in the end the price depends on the quality and reputation of the piercing parlour - I know that cost is always difficult because obviously, if you don't have the money you don't have the money, but my advice would definitely be save up and go for a higher-costing parlour as cheap ones tend to use unsanitised metal or equipment; I know from experience ! My navel cost me £17 because I was 14 and completely broke, but it was done in a dodgy basement in Brighton with grills over the windows and it got infected and my advice is definitely go for something in the £30 range.

    Good luck !

  • Belly Piercing Prices

  • Belly Button Piercing Prices

  • Prices generally range from about £20 - £35 for belly peircings. 🙂


    my main tip is: make sure you wash it every day. Don't be lazy or you may end up with a nasty infection. Use salt and water, or savlon spray.

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