How much would it cost to install cruise control post production?

I have a 2009 Ford F-150. I'd like to add cruise control and I was wondering what the costs would look like if I did it through a dealer or an auto shop. Any suggestions would be welcome as well. Thanks.

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  • Cruise control is not that difficult to install. If you are a reasonably competent mechanic you can buy a kit and install it yourself for $100-$200 or so... If you want the "factory original" look, a dealer's shop would probably charge double that price.

    Do a search for "cruise control kits" on Bing or Google.

  • Cruise Control Installation Cost

  • Forget what these guys are saying, it's not that bad.

    All you need is a steering wheel with cruise control buttons, swap it in place of what you have now, then find a dealer who knows how to activate cruise control in the computer. That last part might be the "hardest" part here. Why? Cruise control is computer controlled since an 09 F150 uses electronic throttle and most techs probably still think you need to add extra junk like a servo to make it work. Nothing to do with an old Bronco...way different game here.

    Anyway, you are so very welcome.

  • We are about to install one of these... they will be less pricey then OEM... They are from Kuryakyn and (in simple terms) are electro magnets. You can still move the throttle if you have to, so they are not illegal like throttle locks (locks have the off road use disclaimer) but they will not automatically shut down when you brake. If they operate well they will be a good aftermarket solution.Check 'em out.

  • If you want a factory cruise from Ford its going to cost you a fortune. I'm sure you can have one added at a decent shop in your area for far less money. I had one done localy on a Ford Bronco for under $200.00 and Ford wanted $1100.00

  • alot

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