How old is Yin in Darker than Black?

I'm just wandering how old she is, or how old you think she is cause I don't think they say. And do you think she'll return in season 2?

4 Answers

  • I don't think that there is an official age of Yin. I would say that shes about maybe 13 or 14? I hope she returns in Season 2, she better, she's one of my favorite characters (as you can tell from my avatar to the left).

  • Darker Than Black Yin Cosplay

  • I think she's like 13 - 15. She's like... the best character, other than Hei of course xDD I really wanna cosplay Yin >>;

  • She is 15 in the 1st season. 17 Second Season, because between seasons the ovas supposedly took 2 years in their lives. This I saw explained in a Japanese article. (I read Japanese thought I'd save u the hazle of translation)

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