How Should i ask this girl to a concert ???

THere is a concert comin up and she knows about it... SHE WANTS TO see it ...but i dont think she has tickets yet and i dont know if shes plannin to go with her friends.... Anyways shes a good friend of mine, flirt sometimes with her. laugh a lot and i wanna take her there as well but i dont know if i should ask her and if i do how should i do it so that its a good way and in a friend kinda thing... ?? How should i ask her to come along with me if shes not going with anyone yet ?? Thnaks for any help i can get.

8 Answers

  • "I have an extra ticket to(Fill in group)'s concert do you want to come." It's casual enough that if she's already going you can just act like you were being nice.

  • ok first off chill out. if you guys are friends i assume its not awkward so just start out by talking about it see if she has tickets...if no then just tell her how you have tickets and you think it would be cool if you guys go hang out together at the concert. tell her its nothin big just you have another ticket and you know she wants to go. if you kinda like her and still want her to know that but not make it like an official "date" then be like you consider her to be a real cool person and say you thought you two would have fun together...idk something along those lines

    good luck

  • say hey are u going to that concert and if she says something like i wish or i dont have tickets just say well u wanna go with me

    and thats how i wud do it but if u get to the concert with her throw som flirting in buy her stuff and make it a date she'll never forget she wont kno its a date but any ways

  • Walk up and say "Hi, I got these tickets to a concert, what to go?"

  • get her a ticket and give it to her. next go to the concert and enjoy yourself.

  • just say "hey wanna go to that concert"?

    i you want to keep it just friends than just avoid saying "me and you" kinda thing.

  • ask ehr if shes going with anyone, if she isnt, than say this: hey _____, wanna go to a concert with me for fun?

  • Like a man. Kidding. Quick and fast like a band aid man. Catch her alone and do it.

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