How soon after wisdom teeth extraction can you smoke a cigarette?

I had all four of my wisdom teeth out 19 hours ago. I’m in literally no pain, I have no swelling or bruising & I’m able to eat soft foods. I haven’t bled since about an hour after the procedure.

I’m interested to know how long I can wait before I smoke a cigarette? I’ve heard anywhere from 3-5 days but that just sounds crazy to me. If it actually is that long, are there any other options to get around it (ie: putting gauze over extraction sites).

I’m not asking this question to be told that now is a good time to quit smoking – that is not the answer I’m looking for. I simply want to know if/when/how I can smoke. Oh, and if it helps – I have dissolvable stitches.

Thanks everyone!!

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  • This is a contentious issue.

    I am a UK dental nurse with oral surgery experience. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I waited 72 hours before smoking.

    Some oral surgeons recommended 48 hours, others 72, others a week.

    The longer you leave it not smoking, the less likelythe chance of a dry socket or infection around the stiches. This is more likely to occur in lower wisdom teeth than uppers….

    If you do choose to smoke, gently rinse with warm salt water mouth rinse straight after…

    A word of warning. Dry socket is more painful than the original toothache. It is possibly the worst possible of all dental related pain.

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  • I would wait at least 2 days, (yes I know it sucks, I did it too) , but my ex-boyfriend was in no pain whatsoever after getting his pulled and smoked about 12 – 24 hours after ( don’t remember exact hour count but it was later that night, he had them pulled in the morning) and he got dry socket, which I’ve never had but he was in extreme pain. Then he had to go back to the dentist and couldn’t smoke for at least 4 or 5 days.

    Good Luck.

  • You should be able to smoke now if that’s what you desire or maybe just take a few pulls and put it out until a full 24

  • wait at the very least 2 days and you really should wait a full 5 days. dry socket hurts like a b*tch and then it takes a few weeks for the incredible pain to go away and THEN you have to go back in and get dental implants so that it doesn’t feel like someone is jackhammering your brain. my suggestion? wait ’til you’re all healed up before you light up.

  • unless you want dry socket/s you should wait 72 hours which is 3 full days.

    Dry socket are a pain in the @**they hurt more than the actual extraction.

    the seacond day you should rinse your mouth with warm water and salt

  • I’m not sure but when I got 1 of mine pulled/surgically removed I smoked 2 days later & had no problems, as long as I kept the gaws in & smoked putting the butt in the opposite side of my mouth/lips.

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  • why are you smoking anyway, every cigarette takes 25 seconds of your life!!!

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