How to access Strawberry Gashed? [Forum for cutters]?

Does anyone know how I could get ahold of one of the members or somehow get into the forum? I have a Runboard account but it says:

Sorry, no access.

The reason is you dont have access to the board.

You must be a member of this board in order to read.

The membership is attained on a closed basis.

There's no links to contact anyone on this board, but somehow I was able to view the board [not a member] and read the topics a few days ago. o-0?

If nobody know, what are some similar forums for cutters, where I could ask about first aid techniques, and where not to cut?

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  • Okay, First off Strawberry Gashed does not support suicide at all. And we do not trigger people either. All the "graphic" pitures are off limits to anyone under 18 and new members. We are also not "Pro-SI" We are simpliy a support forum. SG has done wonders in mine and other lives.

    To answer your question, Membership is closed down untill the first week of every month. We have had problems with new members so this gives us enough time to let the newbies get used to the rules and for the older members to get to know you.

    As I stated, SG is a very great place. Filled with warm, accepting people.

  • Strawberry Gashed

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Strawberry Gashes: A term used to refer to cuts, generally self inflicted on the inner wrist by cutters or those who self harm for whatever reason Used in the Jack off Jill song 'Strawberry Gashes' "dude she had strawberry gashes all up her arms"

  • To be quite honest, I would recommend against that particular forum. It tends to be very graphic and encouraging of self-injury and suicide. is my personal recommendation. There should be a first aid section in there. You'll have to sign up, but all you need is a valid email address.

  • ya wut she said

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