How to answer, “Date available to start?”?

I would want to give a 2 week notice at my current job, so can I just say “2 weeks after offer?” Or how would I say it?

4 Answers

  • Give a date two weeks from your application date. Employers understand about the need to give notice at a prior job.

  • You just have to say that you are required to work a two week notice period at your current job and that you will be available any time after that.

    Reasonable answer and i am sure they will be happy with that

  • I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and my contract ends 05 July 2014.can i say 01 August 2014

  • I would say: “Two weeks from date of hire.” Don’t put yourself in a tough spot–and don’t worry, employers are understanding with these matters.

    Best of luck!


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