How to be a good hockey team manager?

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  • Hockey mom~

    A few things I did when I managed a kid's Bantam team:

    > Get a big notebook and organize it into sections such as:


    ---contact numbers for every team member

    ---contact numbers for hiring referees (if you have to do that)

    ---other important contact numbers (all other teams, etc.)

    > The notebook should also contain:

    ---paperwork for each child

    ---USA Hockey Membership Info (b'cas of insurance on the ice)

    > Another section for Game Info:

    ---blank scoresheets

    ---A section for copies of the games scoresheet (keep a copy!)

    ---(the referee will probably want a copy in order to get paid)

    ---FUNDRAISING !! Make a section in the notebook to collect info on what types of fundraisers are available in your area, or what types of fundraisers you can hold, types of raffles you can have, etc.

    > If your team travels, in the notebook:

    ---A section on motels in areas you'll go that give team discounts

    ---Flight info or driving info

    Couple other odds & ends--

    > Try to assign someone else as team treasurer if possible!!

    > Trying to be both team manager & treasurer is a headache.

    > Make sure the team gets their schedules far enough in advance!

    > If your team does the scorekeeping and works the clock, get a list of parents who know how to do this, and rotate the duties. If they don't know how to do those tasks, someone will always jump in and show them. (Different rinks have different time clocks, so I wound up getting the directions for each rink and put them all in the managers notebook).. The rinks should keep the instructions in the scorekeepers box, but you can't always count on it..

    > Always bring along blank sheets of paper to give to whoever is doing the scorekeeping so they can keep tabs of shots on goal (etc.) during the game. (They'll transfer that info to the score sheet between periods)

    .. A lot of teams now create websites and they just tell their kids to pull the site up to print out their monthly schedules. If you're good on the computer, that's the best way to do it because you don't have to keep printing out schedules every month.

    ..A website for the team is also good because you can put "important updates and messages" on it, keep tally of their stats if you want, and add pictures of the team in action!

    ..My biggest piece of advice as far as being a team manager again is to divy out the duties so that someone else is the treasurer.. Unless you have a LOT of time! Trying to do team manager duties and billing is a huge headache. :o/

    Have FUN!

    ~ ~

  • You have to know what your team needs. You need to make the team balanced so they can play well in both ends. And decide what kind of game plan you want... offensive or defensive. A goalie is important in determiningthe success of your team, especially during playoff time.

  • know everything that a hockey player will need at certain times

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